He Hears EVERY prayer. He’ll get to yours soon, :), lol.

He hears our every prayer 🙂 🙂 🙂

Amazing Display of Nature

Again, nature paints a unique, new picture. This time in the sky.


Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Get this!

Make Money Automatically with the Auto Profit Machine

Make Money Automatically with the Auto Profit Machine.

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s info is Truth.


Had to pass this on. I Like Health and Spices!


Thanksgiving Lesson of the Trees

Gorgeous Day here in CT.

If you are reading this you are likely someone who I am grateful for in some special way. You may be my son, my sister, my brother, a close friend, or in some other way you have touched my life and helped me to grow and love more.”Everyone is a link in the chain of good in my life”….some quote from ?

As I look out my window to the river and woods, I see jagged branches pointing up to the sky. They remind me that not only people must pay for the changes that are unfolding more rapidly on the Earth today, but the Earth itself is paying. The snow storm of Oct 30th, 2011 must have cost untold millions of dollars if not billions. People are still cleaning up. I have never seen so much physical damage in real life. Millions of dollars worth of food lost with no electricity to keep cool or frozen. Temps the next day too high to keep things outside, except maybe for a day or two packed in the untimely snow. 65-70 degrees, with our wine packed in snow under the snow man.

But the jagged branches touch my heart daily. They won’t go away. No one will climb half way up millions of trees to ease their pain. Some are split so viciously, so thoroughly. To smithereens…. my Mother used to use that word. I was not sure what it meant, but I guessed it meant a lot of little pieces.

Since I have come into the awareness that not just people, but everything is conscious,(has consciousness), I feel that the trees have been a mirror for the pain so many are feeling in the world today. The pain of massive, unthinkable hunger. 25,000 children die a day from hunger. How is that acceptable? Political regimes still trying to keep their nations like dumb sheep (sorry sheep, you are likely getting a bad rap here.) A plethora of Diseases (dis-ease) ravaging old and young bodies. It’s just not acceptable. There are cures for all of this. There is much we can do, but first we need to see where we are, accept it, and then decide where it is we want to go.

It starts with the “I” first. Where am I today. Do I like, love, rejoice, exude joy in my life expression. Is my face radiant with love and acceptance? Am I attracting good people, places and circumstances into my life? Ok, of so, GREAT, I am doing superb. But if not, where then would I like to “BE”.

An even more effective way of asking these two questions of myself would be; “What am I feeling about myself and my life today?”. Then, “What would I rather be feeling?” Given that feedback, I quiet myself and ask for “inspired” thoughts to move me to the next step to take to achieve the preferred feelings in my life. Taking action based upon “conditioning” and only “left brain” kind of logic, strategy, contrived actions, is what got me to where I was that I didn’t really like, did I?

How does this all relate? Thanksgiving, jagged branches, Mirroring our world, us, you, me, today. We can be thankful for the bountiful resources we have and begin to use them more effectively in our personal lives, then family, then communally, nationally, worldly.

We can be thankful that we are beginning to wake up as a human species, to the truth that we are really One, and that when one of us suffers, we all on some energetic level carry that pain deep within our psyche. When millions suffer, we carry that. We, like the trees, can only take so much before we snap, break, and thrust our aching, ripped open hearts to the Divine Conscious and ask for the healing we each personally need, that I need.

As I note the worldwide escalating expression of anger, frustration, deep yearning for freedom from the myriad systems that thwart human freedom, health, happiness, creativity, I come to the idea that I can be thankful for even these deeply painful situations. How? Because they are coming out of the darkness more forcefully, more consistently, more pervasively all over the world in every group identifiable,to be recognized for the toxic systems the are, and to be shattered, split like the trees into smithereens, so that the new can be established based on equality and love.

The Age of Aquarius, The New Age, the 5th Dimension, where we can co-create lives based on love and not fear.

We can be thankful for the movement that temporarily stirs up the poisonous past ways of trying to control life, for greed and power. We can be thankful that where millions of old trees died quick and ugly deaths, that millions of new trees can now grow in new light, creating new forests that provide new life and enjoyment.

And most importantly we can be thankful that we are given opportunity after opportunity to wake up to our powerful reality. That we still have a chance to stop living small. To crawl out of our filthy worn-too-long victim skins, and start living like the loving, unendingly creative and problem solving, highly specialized replicas of Divinity that we are. Made in the image and likeness of God.

That is a tree-mendous amount to be thankful for.

Understanding Your Emotions. Energy in Motion or STUCK!

Not everyone wants to be or even see a life coach, but everyone has emotions and most of us are or have been living from a place of living in Cover Emotions or Stuck in what we have perceived to be “bad or negative” emotions. This short part of a lesson by Christian helps the average person understand themselves and their “feelings” whatever they may be, much more clearly.

I just woke up from a dream where I was telling someone very seriously that in 6 months I would be very different. Prophetic? I hope so. Surely I am working on all levels of my life. Physically working out consistently and more than ever in my life, mentally balancing plenty of healthy stimulation with times of activity and quiet, emotionally feeling all my feelings and allowing them to move through me, learning to “enjoy” and be energized by them all, knowing all are just energy, and Spiritually…. well been on that crooked but ever elevating path for a long, long time. We are all on that path. Just in different places and elevations, each on our very own timetable to reach and realize the Oneness of who we are.

Living Your Purpose or Mediocrity?

More and more people are waking up to the awareness that we DO have a choice. We do have a purpose, a life’s purpose. Something we came here to do that no one else can do. That is why life coaching has grown so much over the past decade. It’s a challenging, fulfilling, exciting, expansive, enlightening and fun trip, the journey to your authentic and higher self.

Have you considered letting go of all that no longer serves you? That no longer makes you feel good about yourself? Happy? If you are ready to release anything and or anyone that gets in the way of your health, wealth, happiness or peace, you’ll need a guide, a mentor, a life coach. Please check out the description of what the 12 Week Empowerment Program is about by clicking on the Life Empowerment Category to the right. Email me to set up a free consultation.

I love this guy!

So psyched. I’m in his Accelerated Awakening Life Coaching Class, with wonderful people from all over the world. Very interesting and interactive website back office.
Daily contact/feedback with him and each other if we desire. He inspires, drives, excites, confirms and enlightens me with ever lesson. Will be listed as one of his Life Coaches when I complete the course and his exams, whatever they will be. Could be a video! Ohhh I am on a steep learning curve again. Lovin’ it though.

If you like him, there are other youtubes.

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